Romance is about sharing experiences and discovering new things about each other and life. This is not the time to flash how much we make or how much we SPEND.

Starting out on the wrong foot will ruin our date and will deter future opportunities. Here are some reasons why we shouldn’t go overboard on dates.

1. Equality is everything today, our date may feel inadequate and don’t see themselves fitting into our lives if we overspend.

2. Flashiness is unattractive and shows a lack of confidence. The date is not a job interview. The only thing we need to do is have an enjoyable time and connect with each other.

3. Warning! Seeming irresponsible and excessive can destroy the potential of a future together. Our companion may have a different take on money.

4. Appearing shallow and attracting a gold digger, is on no-one’s list. Enough said there.

Plan your date so that it puts the focus on togetherness and budding your relationship the organic way. The best kind of date is where the pressure is off both parties.

Mix a couple of these low-cost and fun ideas to make a great Saturday afternoon. This way, if the date doesn’t work out, you still have the evening to spend with your friends. Plus the best part, you didn’t overspend.

1. Soak up culture. Enjoy interesting art at your local gallery, attend a play, or visit a museum. Keep an eye out for free concerts in your area during the summer.

2. Get in touch with your inner child. Find your competitive spirit with a game of miniature golf or bowling.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth. Going out to dinner can be pricey. Instead, go to a café or bakery for a casual conversation over something sweet. Or, if you are feeling creative do a “build your own sundae” party at your home.

4. Go outside, if weather permits. Mother Nature offers many free or inexpensive activities. Being outside can se the perfect stage for romance, you can amble around a park, rent a couple bikes, have a picnic, or find a great patio for conversation.

In the end, the most important part is ensuring you both have a good time.

Disclaimer – Information contained herein does not involve the rendering of personalized investment or financial advice, but is limited to the dissemination of general information.