What do you think of when you hear the term decluttering? To me, the word decluttering makes me want to throw everything out. And I mean everything. It feels amazing when we simplify the things in our world.



Here are the reasons why we should be decluttering our life:


  1. Stress – Most people can’t think straight when their environment is a mess.
  2. Overeating – Stress can lead to overeating. Many of us do that.
  3. Lack of energy – When our homes or work environments are a mess, our mind uses it’s precious energy on the mess and leaves us with less energy to take on the world.
  4. Bad decisions – When we are stressed out it’s hard to make a clear and smart decisions.

Today we are focusing on ones that will help us financially. Here is a list to get us started. 

  1. Take an afternoon and do an inventory all of the stuff we have – Take inventory of everything, and everything means from the bathroom cabinets to the kitchen drawers and everything else in-between. I bet we have more stuff than we know what to do with. Toss, sell, or donate what we haven’t touched in over 6 months.
  2. Automate everything – If we’re still receiving our banking statements or bills by mail, we have a problem. It’s time to go paperless and automate. Setup bills to be paid automatically. By going paperless we may save ourselves some cash. We can save some cash by avoiding late payments, increasing our credit score because we are not missing payments AND we may help save a tree. Some banks charge if we receive paper statements.
  3. Reduce waste and lose paper – Some paper documents are important to have on hand while most we can scan into our cloud or just shred. Take time to go through old documents and decide the best way to live without them.
  4. Consolidate our banking and insurance accounts – When we have multiple banking and insurance accounts, it may be wise to consolidate. Typically, when we combine our insurance products to one company we will receive a discounted pricing because we bundled.

After you get done decluttering and need some great ideas for a money smart date night read this Article

Good luck and happy decluttering