Happy Spring! We just rounded the corner from winter to spring and I can’t be happier. With that in mind, it’s a good time to sort through some financial matters. Check these out –


Property insurance – It’s best to work with an independent insurance agent, they are able to compare multiple policies from multiple companies. If you work with someone who is a direct agent, they are required to use only their company’s policies and can’t be objective.

The rates for property insurance vary from company to company, and year to year. Most of the time if you package your insurance needs with one provider, you will receive an overall discounted pricing.

A couple other ways to reduce your premium is to increase your deductible and reduce coverage levels on older cars.

Cell phone provider – This one has many layers. Cell phone providers have increasingly made it harder to have a straightforward contract. There are shared data plans, leases, installment plans, bring-your-own-device plans, several levels of data plans, device access charges, taxes, and layers of fee.

Shop around, research, and ask a lot of questions. Use your old bill as a basis. At a minimum, check with your current carrier to see if there are any discount opportunities.


Television and Internet provider – It may be time to reach out to your current provider, look at a new provider, and/or cancel your subscription. Shop around and see what’s available, then use that information to negotiate a better price.

Telling your current provider that you are looking to make a switch, may encourage them to provide a discount to keep you as a client.

Energy cost and Budget billing options – Your energy provider may have budget billing as an option for your energy costs. This doesn’t necessary reduce your bill but can predict what you pay on a monthly basis and smooth out the bumps.

It’s a way to have a consistent bill and not have wild fluctuations. If you live in the Midwest with turbulent changes in the weather, this is especially beneficial.