Can you guess how many people have given up by now? According to a 2017 report by U.S. News approximately 80% have failed by the second week of February.

We often fail to stick to things like New Year’s Resolutions, budgets, relationships, and goals. What happened to the tenacity of America? What happened to the stringent work ethic we once had?

We got lazy, we got conflicted, and we became lost. We forgot the basics. We no longer balance our checkbook with the ins and outs. We review the balance online, we see our credit cards getting heavier, and we know we need to stop but we don’t.

We, as individuals and as communities, need to get back to the basics. We need to remember our history, the struggle, the tough times, and the very, very bad times.

We fail to look at our past because our future is bright, and nothing can stop us! So, it seems. What if we had an actual Depression again? I’m referring to food shortages, no job opportunities, loss of our homes, our cars, and our things. Do we need to have a financial disaster to wake up?




I sure hope not. If you fell off the wagon, whether it was losing weight, saving, sticking to a budget…. etc.…. Get back on that wagon!

Don’t let tragedy be the thing that gets you focused again. Become mindful. See the kid below, she looks relieved to be back on the wagon and so will you.