1. Open a dedicated vacation savings account or start a monthly transfer to our existing savings account. Start by researching the costs of the trip. Tally up those expenses, add in extra for dining, gas, and souvenirs then divide it by the amount of months we have left until the trip.

This is the amount we need to save on a monthly basis. If it’s too high, move our vacation out a few months. By the time we are ready to hit the road we will have saved up what we need.

2. Cut back on our monthly food budget or the expense of going out. Cut out extras, like beverages, treats or going out until it’s time for vacation. Doesn’t having a margarita on the beach sound better? Our vacation goal and our waistline will thank us.

If I have an empty stomach when I go shopping, I will come home with a lot more food than needed. Be careful when shopping hungry.

3. Add in another source of income. Pick-up a part-time job that’s flexible, have a yard sale, offer to baby or house sit, use the extra income to put towards our vacation goal.

However we decide to save or earn for our vacation, just remember that the sacrifice is worth the down time. Also, purposely saving for vacation with hard work and dedication makes our vacation that much more rewarding.

If going to the beach or somewhere far from where we live is too much, camping is always an option and a highly recommended way to relax and reset ourselves. Our family picks camping as the first option because it is cost friendly and a beautiful way to relax with those you love.